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To meet the needs for fundamental researches in various energy and environmental issues, Energy and Environment Research Group was established at SERI in 2011. The outlook of shaping such research group is to have a key role in presenting solutions for national and international challenges on sustainable development of energy systems. To reach this goal, we aimed to be the referee think tank on decision making in the long run.
In the medium run, it is expected that analytical tools will be developed to offer and assess the different solutions to environmental problems related to energy systems.
To coordinate the interdisciplinary research capacity in energy and environmental studies at the SERI is our short term aim.
The Energy and Environment Research Group is organized around four fields of research:
Development of Energy-Environment models
Developing energy and environmental information database
Helping governmental and private sector to realize offered solutions for environmental
problems related to energy systems, and, setting up laboratories dedicated to research, development, commercialization, and deployment of environment friendly technologies for energy systems.
Dr. Mohammad Hassan Saeidi, Deptartment of Mechanical Engineering
Younes khanbaba
- M.Sc in Information Technology, Sharif University of Technology
- Senior Researcher, Sharif Energy Research Institute (SERI)